What’s the Plan?

Why am I here? Simply put, the Weston Owl is here as an online community news source with a focus on town happenings, volunteer actions and building a sense of love for this little semi-rural place just a few miles west of Boston.

I’ll endeavor never to be unkind, but rather to communicate what is happening around town. Because of who I am, it is likely that some of this will be done with more than a smidge of humor. If it’s not your thing, move along.

I’d like to thank two local online news media editors for their help and encouragement. To the north, thank you to Alice Waugh of the Lincoln Squirrel who spent a zoom hour talking with me and sharing her extensive news knowledge. Let’s be honest here: I am just an amateur next to her journalistic background. I would also like to thank Bob Brown of the sWellesley Report who also spent longer than he expected talking with me about how to include humor and fun into what can sometimes be serious business. I encourage you to follow both of those online news sources if you are looking for local area events and news.

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