Conservation administrator off to the great north

Michele Grzenda, Weston’s Queen of Nature, is leaving Weston’s secure shores (we have none) for the wilds of Lincoln; her last day in Wildcat territory in January 29.

Michele started her career in Lincoln, so this is a bit of a coming home for her, but for our town, these 12 years have flown by. She has been an integral part of saving land for conservation, creating a deer program, leading the Hobbes Pond dam project and fighting for wetlands protection.

Weston will dearly (deerly?) miss her humor and energy–and incredible knowledge of both nature and the ins and outs of regulations and easements. We don’t need too many more reasons to invade Lincoln, but then again we have seen their Minute Men in action and we may just have to stick out our tongues from the border.

Good luck, Michele!

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