Community preservation act (CPA) request – 8-10 Birch lane

From renderings presented at 1/25/2021 CPC meeting

There are five requests for Weston CPA funds this spring. In no particular order, but rather the order in which I am paying attention to them, I thought I’d take a look at the general requests. Note that these have not gone through public hearing, and are not up for Town Meeting discussion yet. These are simply presentations to the Community Preservation Committee.

This CPA request is specifically for affordable housing, through a duplex being built at 8-10 Birch Lane. There are actually two single family homes currently on those lots, both are old workman houses that have some historical value but cannot be adapted (financially speaking) for affordable housing use. They would both be razed as part of this duplex build.

The land for this affordable housing has been donated by Polly Dickson for affordable housing and the deed restricts that use. This duplex will be rental only, total 3300 square feet of living space (1,666 per unit) on a lot area of 40,250 sq feet. Each unit has 3 bedrooms.

The cost for building this affordable housing duplex will be $1,020,000 or $510,000 per unit. Landscaping is included in that amount though neighbors expressed concern that $40,000 in landscaping will not cover much. In addition, there may be further costs coming down the road (literally) as Birch Lane may need to be widened for fire truck access. Beware the tree death as well.

Public hearings coming up in March.

Update May 16, 2021: At Town Meeting on May 15, 2021, Mr. Endicott publicly stated that there was an erroneous report in the Weston Owl about the costs of re-doing the roadway. While Mr. Endicott has not personally reached out to the Owl to explain, the Owl has re-read the minutes from the CPC meeting and believes that Mr. Endicott is stating that the costs to adjust the roadway are NOT town costs, but will be paid by WAHFI. You can see the Minutes from that Meeting online, or an excerpt here. The Owl apologizes for the “erroneous” nature of the post and suggests that further issues be communicated directly to the Owl rather than by public call-out.

8-10 Birch Lane

On the left-hand side of Birch Lane, Mr. Endicott highlighted a utility pole and 2 large trees
which would have to be removed in order to widen the very narrow lane per Town
requirements. Mr. Endicott also noted a paved section in the middle of the predominantly dirt
lane, the proximity to the road of the existing homes on the left-hand side of the lane, and the
proximity of abutter Andrew Rostami’s home on the right-hand side of the lane to the existing
homes. Responding to Mr. Ober, Mr. Endicott explained that WAHFI would have to build a
turnaround to satisfy Department of Public Works (“DPW”) and Fire Department requirements.
Mr. Endicott highlighted the existence of a fire hydrant at the top of the lane.

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