Recycling Project Led by Weston High Students – Plastics Requested

Led by sophomore Max Tomczak, students at the high school have embarked on a challenge to collect 500+ pounds of plastic bags and film, and are asking for the support of the community.

Clean, dry bags may be dropped off in three locations throughout town during the six-month collection window (through June 18). Students are responsible for weighing the bags and reporting on a monthly basis, as well as final drop-off of plastics to a retailer associated with the program.

If Weston students meet or exceed the 500 pound mark, they will have earned a Trex bench for the high school.

Example Trex Bench – not necessarily what Weston receives.

Drop-off bins can be found at three locations:

  1. Brothers Weston (this is the preferred location during school hours): container is in the back parking lot near the bottle return.
  2. Weston High School: front of the school
  3. Field School: inside the building on side closest to Country

Make it a part of your routine, Weston! Pick up some milk, drop off some bags. Take your kids for Covid testing, drop off some bags. Let’s exceed the goal, not only because we can because we should.

Go ‘cats!

Weston Students for Environmental Action


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