Learning and Doing – METCO Scholarship Fundraiser Is TODAY

METCO Weston senior class 2021, credit METCO

The annual METCO John Hudson scholarship fundraiser titled “Everything Weston METCO” takes place this afternoon, Saturday, February 21, 2021, as a virtual assembly. Current METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity) students will share their experiences in the program which brings approximately 167 students, grades K-12, from Boston to Weston’s schools. This year’s class of nine METCO seniors is one of the smallest in recent years.

The Scholarship is named for John Hudson who served as the Chair of the Boston Weston METCO Parent Organization for many years and was instrumental in making it possible for METCO parents to serve as part of the Weston School Committee. John was the father of three children who graduated through the METCO program in Weston. He died in 2014.  

Scholarship funds are awarded to applicants in varying amounts.  Keitrice Johnson, Chair of the Boston Weston METCO Parents Organization commented “Before my tenure, we typically averaged three applicants each year.  Since my tenure, we’ve consistently awarded five scholarships each year to our graduating students. Scholarships are distributed according to merit, community service, and METCO involvement.” No financial information is required from parents or students.

Saturday February 27 at 4 pm

A past graduate of the program, Ashley McCoy WHS’20 and current Brown University student, sent the following note of gratitude:

“Thank you so much for this very generous scholarship! It means so much to my family and to me, and we are so grateful. Throughout this process, as I reflected on my time as a METCO student, I got to deeply consider all of the ways that METCO has impacted me, both large and small. Ever since I can remember, METCO has been such an integral part of my life and my identity. Being a member of the METCO community has helped me in so many ways, and because of that, this scholarship means even more to me.

In today’s assembly, current METCO students will be talking about their backgrounds and experiences with the program. These stories are critical to Weston families to understand the sacrifices these students make to get to school every day (some have more than an hour and a half commute each way) as well as some of the good and bad of their every day experiences.

There is stil time to register and attend. The $30 family registration fee goes to the scholarship funds for METCO students.

“Everything Weston METCO” Assembly Fundraiser registration: https://bit.ly/3p3COk5

Send $30 (or more!) through Venmo @BWMPO1



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