Pandemic rainbow over the Weston Media Center

It is rather impossible to live in Weston and not be touched by the work of the Weston Media Center, our local nonprofit media center. What most residents don’t realize is the length and breadth of WMC’s work–it’s not just about filming all the boring government meetings (just kidding, town volunteers, they are all exciting, really) so that you can fast-forward through them the next day to get to the juicy parts. No, there is a lot of creative visioning behind the scenes–and shows you don’t even know about. Yet.

Officially, WMC’s website reads “we connect all of Weston to the world through cable TV and web based media.  We produce regular programs featuring Weston town government as well as original stories from local residents and non-profits.  We also provide internships to students from local schools.

It’s a lot more than that. Alanna Muldoon of WMC thought up the almost-the-news show which morphed into the Wes-TEN, news of Weston between two pines. The Wes-TEN (full disclosure, I am the co-writer and producer of that show) has brought to you important news features such as Weston’s most excellent tree, interviewed people from Fire Chief Soar to high school students making a difference, and introduced Weston’s K9 Knox and our official hedgehog, Quilliam.

But enough of that self-serving announcement, Weston Media also brings to life local and national history. Henry Lukas, the Education Director at the Spellman Stamp Museum located on the campus of Regis College has done many informational videos with WMC: my current favorite is the one on the “also-rans” of presidential candidates. Spellman is oft-overlooked as a local treasure — the snake presentation there a couple of years ago was epic.

Did you have to miss the virtual concert series at the library? Well, here is January with May Phang, solo piano. Miss traveling around the world? Check out Council on Aging’s Virtual Journey’s Around the Globe–here’s Budapest. And Check It Out with the Weston Public Library? I am personally addicted to Cynthia’s Garden where I learn all kinds of things like winter pruning, generally about a day after I have done the wrong thing. Sorry, garden. Past school concerts are all there–you can now torture your family members worldwide with the fourth grade orchestra concerts.

Promo for Cynthia’s Garden

Without Weston Media, if you missed a meeting, you had to wait for the minutes to come out, or one of your friends to have mercy and tell you about it. Now you have the opportunity to check out all that was really said…and yes, zoom meetings are great for seeing the eye-rolls, the mention of 8 feet of manure under the Josiah Smith Tavern, and the Case Barn being sold off as a “party barn.” The Wes-TEN actually doesn’t need to editorialize all that often. Public meetings, folks, it’s where it’s at (I am not a cat).

If you prefer to watch on your television rather than your portable device, here’s the schedule on cable. Also make sure to sign up for their newsletter here:

Have an idea for a show? Do your kids have an idea for a show? Give Weston Media a call and see what can be done. Because the re-runs of Community Preservation meetings are not all we have, Weston. And support your local non-profit news media. No, not me: Weston Media.

Sunday Gratitude: local media.


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