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Nothing Says Spring Like Hazardous Waste Collection Day – April 3

Did your early spring cleaning net some nasty chemicals and stuff that you can’t throw away in your regular trash? Don’t even attempt to put it down the septic and drains–the wetlands will find you …have you seen the Creature from the Black Lagoon? Well, it was filmed here in Weston, and that was because of all the Rodeo herbicide

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Outside the Home Range: A Walk on the Charles in Watertown

Changing the tires from winter to summer versions means two hours of exploration time near Direct Tire in Watertown. With the local coffee shops less appealing, and a cloudy but warm early spring afternoon enticing the Owl, it was time to head out to the Charles River Reservation. The Charles River Reservation stretches twenty mles along the Charles River, but

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Memorial Pool News — Summer is SO ON, Weston!

Weston Recreation Department is all in for summer – how about you? Memorial Pool, Weston’s one-of-a-kind, grass-bordered, tree-shaded and beloved community pool will open this year on Saturday, June 12 at 11 am. The pool is located at 6 Alphabet Lane, just past Country School and before Woodland School. Memorial Pool will be a little different this year but some

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Board of Health Reports Covid Case Numbers are Up in Weston

An emailed communication from Weston’s Board of Health this morning shows that Weston’s average daily incidence rate of Covid is up, week over week, as of March 23, 2021. Residents are urged to re-double efforts at physical distancing, masked gatherings and overall keeping safe. The reminder from the town is that this pandemic is not over, even though there is

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Resolution in State Ethics Commission Filing: Gillespie Pays Civil Fine

Per a press release from the Massachusetts State Ethics Commission, former Weston Selectman Douglas Gillespie violated the Conflict of Interest law and has been assessed a $8,000 Civil Penalty. Conflict of interest law bars municipal employees from officially participating in matters in which they or their immediate family have a financial interest. Gillespie violated this legal prohibition by participating as

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Did You Know? Weston’S March 25 Update to Vaccination Statistics

Weston now has more than one-third of its residents vaccinated with at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, according to the latest Massachusetts Department of Public Health data published on March 25. Over the past week, the percentage of Weston’s population that has been fully vaccinated has gone from 17% (1,861 people) to 20% (2,168 people). Massachusetts is currently in

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