Are You Ready to Rumble? Town Election and Nominations for Town Offices

Photo by Romain Dancre on Unsplash

At their meeting last night, the Select Board called for the Weston Annual Town Election to be held on May 8th and Annual Town Meeting to be held outdoors on May 15th. This just summarized an hour-long discussion of best dates given New England’s exciting weather and Weston’s strict adherance to no-family-left-in-Weston for Memorial Day weekend.

Recently, the Town petitioned the state for permission to forego the traditional Caucus (see Weston Owl on this topic) due to Covid-related safety and equity concerns. Permission was granted through  Court Order (PDF) and the sad result is no ring-a-ding ballot-counting this year.

Residents who are registered voters and want to serve in an elected office must take out nomination papers with the Town Clerk this year and collect signatures from Weston-registered voters. Unless your mom is registered here, she cannot sign your nomination papers. Yes, they are checked. The court order also reduced the required minimum number of signatures to 10 rather than 50.

The following process (and cool graphic) was provided to the Owl from Weston Town Hall:

To Obtain Nomination Papers:

  • Contact the Town Clerk to make an appointment at 781-786-5010 (Town Hall is still closed to the public)
  • Residents obtaining papers must be registered to vote in Weston
  • Signatures collected must be from registered voters in Weston
  • Minimum number of signatures required is 10 (best practice is to get a few more than required)
  • Nomination papers with signatures are due to the Town Clerk by March 20th at 5:00 p.m. in order to have your name appear on the ballot
  • Elected Office of Weston

Elected Office in Weston

A list of offices is available at The incumbents are listed as a matter of public information without promise they are seeking re-election. The list will be updated as papers are submitted and certified.

See also the Description of Elected Offices (PDF).

As always, please respect those who have volunteered for these roles–all of these are salary-free.

That’s it, Weston. Start your engines! You’ve got to be in it to win it!

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