Focus on Weston Business: Weston Travel Celebrates 50 Years in May

Where would you like to be right now?

If you’re like many folks, the Facebook memories of exotic travel of years past are slowly torturing you. Those smiling faces in front of the Eiffel Tower, leaping into the wide open of the Grand Canyon, or even just visiting your family in Kansas City make us all realize what the last year has taken from us. Now, as the world slowly starts to right itself, it may be time to plan an adventure near or far.

The Owl called up Cindy Spencer at Weston Travel to see what’s been happening out in the world. And found out that Weston Travel will celebrate its golden anniversary this May–yes, fifty years in Weston. Fifty years getting people OUT of Weston is another way to look at it. And things are looking up.

“Last year most bookings were refunded–over $290,000 worth of refunds,” said Cindy. Summer was less busy than normal, but in September she was already getting client calls for future bookings. Cindy has clients all over the country but loves her Weston clients most of all (I just made up that last bit). She’s also a firm believer in trip insurance, which over 85 percent of her customers do get.

“I’m encouraged,” said Cindy. “One of the first areas to recover bookings has been the cruise business–I have five luxury cruises booked out into 2023.”

In fact, cruises are so busy at this point that she had four people booked in singles on the Queen Mary from London to New York in September, and just succeeded in getting them upgraded to the Queen’s Grill level which is all-inclusive…and $12,000! So luxury is for sure returning, for those in that category.

Cindy accentuated the fact that she has clients at all levels of budget–it’s not all the Queen Mary. She loves to book family tours, and can be relied on to find great trips for seniors on a budget. She has one client who has already booked a trip to Israel and Jordan. It’s not all Abercrombie and Kent, Weston.

One of her biggest challenges right now is finding out and communicating which places are open and ready for business, which have restrictions and which need 72 hour testing or vaccine proof. She’s also an expert on which airlines are the friendliest to changes (JetBlue) and which may be providing tests at the airport (American/United, apparently).

Some of Cindy’s favorite places to book are the Turks & Caicos, the British Virgin Islands and St. Lucia, all of which are “chomping at the bit” to have tourists come back. And Bermuda, always beautiful and a personal favorite:

Cindy and husband at Pompano Beach, Bermuda (lead photo as well)

“Travel agents can really help people narrow down options or suggest new ones,” said Cindy. “I’ve had people call up and say “I’ve got $4000 and a family of four who needs to warm up, where can we go?”

So, Weston, when you get tired of our tree-lined streets, eternal construction, and Memorial Pool, call up Weston Travel and whisk yourself away (when it’s safe and appropriate to do so). But go after the anniversary party which will happen sometime in May. Stay tuned.

You can find Cindy Spencer at 483 Boston Post Road in Weston, just across from Weston Table, and you can reach Cindy at (781) 891-9110.

View from the street. Come on in!


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