Dogs and Owner Fall Through Ice at Cat Rock Park: Police Rescue

On Saturday afternoon, Weston Police responded to multiple 911 calls reporting two dogs breaking through the ice and being at risk of drowning at Hobbs Pond at Cat Rock Park. According to callers, the dogs’ owner had attempted to rescue them by going out onto the ice, and then had also fallen through.

Weston Police dispatchers Shannon Tuttle and Corrina Jones fielded calls and directed emergency personnel to the site. Captain Tom Kelly responded and, having always wanted to participate in a Polar Bear Plunge, waded through freezing water and broken ice to get the owner and the two dogs to safety.

Unfortunately, Weston does not outfit police cruisers with large fluffy towels. Reached for comment, Captain Kelly, a 21-year veteran of Weston Police, simply stated “no towel–long ride back to the PD.”

Weston Police would like to remind residents and visitors to Weston that this season’s rapidly fluctuating temperatures make ice conditions uncertain, and that all dogs, children and adults should keep clear of the ice. Dogs should be kept under voice control or on leash if they are likely to attempt an ice or water crossing.


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