Mass Central Rail Trail Murals Final Selection

Conant Road underpass, which will remain mural-less

At the Select Board meeting on Tuesday, March 23, the winners of the Mass Central Rail Trail mural contest were announced. The underpasses at Concord Road and Church Street will soon be getting fresh paint, as presented by Joel Angiolillo, member of the Advisory Board for the Weston Art and Innovation Center. After expected approval of permits by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the murals will be painted in May and completed by June, a requirement of the Weston Cultural Council grant.

The Weston High School student murals (there are two murals with nine smaller panels on each) will be gracing the walls of the Concord Road underpass, while a mural submitted by a Cambridge School of Weston senior will cover one wall of the Church Street underpass. One wall of the Church Street underpass will be left blank at this point–in the future, another mural may be painted there. There will be no murals on the Conant Road underpass.

For more information, the February 12 edition of the Weston Owl outlines the Mural Contest. The Owl further covered the mural project through its March 11 story on the WEEFC grant that allowed a number of Weston High School students to work on the social justice mural.


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