Elections and candidates, Dates and Plans

The crocuses and snowdrops are up, and so are the political signs. ‘Tis the season, which will end in Weston on May 8 with the Town Election. You can find out official information about candidate roles at the town website, and see the names as currently nominated. The last date to withdraw a nomination is April 6, and one can write in a candidate on election day but their printed name cannot be added to the ballot at this time.

So how does the Owl feel about this all? The Owl, for what it’s worth, will be neither endorsing nor speaking out against any candidate. The plan is to publish the platforms of the candidates who wish to have them here, and to ask them the same questions three–study your barn swallow speeds, everyone. Monty Python aside, the Owl will be hopefully talking with all of the candidates about some of the more personal side of their quest for public office.

The League of Women Voters will be holding its usual candidates night, this year on April 29 at 7:30 pm, by online platform.

Slate of nominees who will appear on May 8 ballot:

Moderator (one position): Ripley Hastings (incumbent)

Select Board (one position): Chris Houston (incumbent), Keith Johnson

School Committee (two positions): Attia Linnard, Tricia Liu, Ken Newberg

Board of Assessors (two positions): Gary Koger (incumbent), Phyllis Kominz (incumbent)

Planning Board (one position): Lori Hess

Recreation Commission (two positions): Melissa Crocker (incumbent), Marcy Dorna (incumbent), Peter Hill

Board of Library Trustees (two positions): Susan Scott (incumbent), Christopher Welles

Board of Health (one position): Jennifer Kickham, Heidi Wyle, James Bradner

Commissioner of Trust Funds (one position): Sanford Whitehouse (incumbent)

Measurer of Lumber (three positions): Matthew Gooch


The Owl is aware of one write-in campaign for Measurer of Lumber by Mary Shaw.

Thank you to all of the candidates who are willing to spend valuable personal time volunteering for the Town of Weston.


  • Dear Owl,
    Just wanted to let you know that Weston Media has reached out to the candidates with an offer to create 2-3 minute video candidate statements. To date we have rec’d 5 enthusiastic acceptence replies! We will start recording in mid- April. “stay tuned”!!

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