Memorial Pool News — Summer is SO ON, Weston!

Kids at play in the Weston Memorial Pool
Summertime fun at Memorial Pool. Photo credit: Weston Recreation

Weston Recreation Department is all in for summer – how about you? Memorial Pool, Weston’s one-of-a-kind, grass-bordered, tree-shaded and beloved community pool will open this year on Saturday, June 12 at 11 am. The pool is located at 6 Alphabet Lane, just past Country School and before Woodland School.

Memorial Pool will be a little different this year but some things will never ever change: it will be cold for approximately two months, yellow jackets will buzz the trash cans, and much fun will be had by all who can squeeze into their bathing costumes after a year of Covid.

Now for the hours, rules, dates, liability clauses and stuff you won’t pay attention to and then you’ll call the Rec Department with questions, or post on Weston’s Community Facebook page. Yes, the Owl has lived here long enough to know these things. Check it out:

Memorial Pool Hours

Saturday, June 12 through Sunday, August 8:

  • Monday – Friday, 12  to 7:30 PM (Adults 18 + only on Monday and Friday, 12-1 PM)
  • Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM to 7:30 PM

Memorial pool will close at 6:30 PM starting August 9.

Bonus week, depending on staff availability:  Monday, August 16 through Sunday, August 24: 12 PM – 6:30 PM

Membership Badges

Membership badges are available to residents and nonresidents. Badges can be purchased online starting Thursday, April 1, 10 AM, and in person by appointment only (call 781-786-6260). 

Rates are:

Weston resident family badge $275
Weston resident individual badge$130
Weston resident senior all-inclusive badge (age 60+)$30
Non resident family badge$800 through May 31; $900 after
Non resident individual badge$400 through May 31; $450 after 
Non resident senior badge$200

In person membership badges will be sold starting Thursday, April 15, 10 AM.

Weston residents are eligible for all inclusive badges which include pool admission, discounts on programming fees, and access to programs at the Middle School Gym and Pool during the fall, winter and spring months.  For more badge information or to purchase online, click here.

A view of Weston Memorial Pool from the diving board
The view from the top…of the diving board. Photo credit: Weston Recreation

Badge pictures – New badge holders will need to make an appointment to pick up a badge from the Recreation office starting Monday, May 3.  Photos will be taken for badges. You must follow these rules when arriving for your picture.  You may only wear maroon or black. No, not really, just checking if you are still reading. Appointments can be scheduled starting April 26 by calling 781-786-6260 Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Badges from prior years will become re-activated after renewing membership. Badgest should be re-used if you have a prior year’s badge.

Daily Fee

Daily admittance for Weston residents without a Memorial Pool badge is $10, children under two are free.  Non resident guests must be accompanied by a Weston Resident or a pool badge holder and pay a $15 per person guest fee.


Concessions are not planned as of late March 2021.  Please see the pool COVID restrictions for information on food and beverages permitted from home. Please make sure Weston Recreation knows how much you would like a taco truck there on all weekends. Just saying.

The fine print: COVID Restrictions

Guidelines governing pool attendance during COVID 19 must be followed and can change without notice. All members must agree to follow all pool rules and effective COVID restrictions.  Any time restrictions are updated the Recreation Department will work with the Board of Health to update Memorial Pool policies.  Any changes will be communicated in advance to the extent possible and posted on this website.

Also this:

As of now, there is no need to reserve a spot daily, which had been discussed at a public information session on February 9, 2021. This may change if guidelines become more restrictive. Personal areas will be marked off on the lawn to allow social distancing from other spaces. Only members of the same household wil be allowed in each marked space. Face masks and physical distancing will be enforced.

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