Meet the New Fire Department Dalmatian – Spot On

The Weston Fire Department added a new crew member this morning, a 5-month-old Dalmatian puppy named Spot On. After road-testing a rescue cat named Bobby Sweetface (failed due to inability to focus) and a gecko named Lysander (cold-averse), the fire department decided to go traditional.

“We really can not wait to run Spot On alongside our E-One trucks,” said Chief Soar. “We’ve decided to get back to basics at the fire station–dogs on all calls–and nothing screams tradition like a dalmatian running with the horse-drawn fire apparatus.”

Concerns about dog safety will be addressed at the upcoming Community Hearing for Dog-Related Fire Equipment, to be held by zoom later today. Please see the Fire Department website for more information.

Any correlation between today’s date and the veracity of this story is not actually a coincidence.


For a more realistic history behind the use of dalmatians in firehouses, please see this link. After that, please send a note to Weston FD Chief Soar to thank him for his service, and his willingness to be a part of the Owl’s April’s Fool Day. And if you are devastated by the news that Spot On is imaginary, you might mention to the Chief that Weston needs a fire dog. You never know…



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