The Joy is Back in Weston – Dairy Joy Opens for its 60th Year

From the DJ Facebook page

Some people know spring is truly here when the daffodils and crocuses appear, the leaf blowers rev up, and the garden stores re-open. Others eagerly await the hanging of the Dairy Joy sign, which signals a return to swirls of Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble Twist and Coffee, Raspberry, Javaberry. And so spring sprang yesterday at 1 pm when Dairy Joy opened for 2021.

The Owl drove by at around 3 pm on Saturday and the line was four deep at the window. There were people safely distanced and munching on the sunny patio.

This year marks the 60th year of Dairy Joy, which has been continuously operated by the same family. As always, bring cash or hit the ATM near the counter–they do not take any cards at all. A Facebook post notes that GrubHub is not working today so you’ll have to order at the counter–imagine that, cellular service not working on the north side. Hunh.

Regular hours are 11:30 am-7 pm daily. Cedar Hill Dairy Joy is at 331 North Avenue in Weston. Go get yourself some joy!

Sign’s up! Go get your ice cream!

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  • I’m waiting for the OWL’s review of ice cream stands within 10 miles of my house. My number one is Erikson’s on rt 117 in Maynard, mostly for the memories. It was where we went as a family the night before a kid left for college. The other is Reasons to be Cheerful in West Concord. Bedford Farms has two locations in the area. Great handmade ice cream. And of course LIzzy’s on Moody Street. I hope they all make it through the pandemic.

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