A Walk in the Woods – Weston Community Children’s Association Event

This weekend, the songs of wrens and clunk-clunk of woodpeckers will get some competition from the exuberant voices and laughter of children. The Weston Community Children’s Association is taking to the trails, not en masse, but in family and small groups. With 99.9 miles (not kidding…anyone want to give WFTA a 0.1 mile trail easement?) and 2,000 acres of conservation lands, the major challenge is choosing which property is best.

Here’s how it works, according to WCCA’s facebook page:

1. Select one (or more!) trail loops (all are about one mile and great for families) from the WCCA walks list. https://www.dropbox.com/…/ctrjb4c…/WCCA%20Walks2.pptx…
2. Choose a day and time for your family’s walk.
3. Optional: Load the Weston Trail Map application on your smart phone at home. Go to http://www.mapsonline.net/westonma/trails.html Bookmark the page. Tap Zoom to find your location on the map at anytime.
4. Head outside!
5. Take selfies underneath the WFTA trail makers and post on WCCA’s social media or send them to us so we can post them on our website. Families that do so will be entered into a drawing to win a gift card to a local Weston business. Post your pictures or tag @wcca.ma on Instagram !

Please wear your mask and stay six feet apart from anyone else you may encounter in your adventures. For more information contact WCCA!

Weston Forest & Trail Association encourages all kids to also participate in the Junior Ranger program–work towards a certificate and pin. More information here.

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