Weston High School Graduation: What Will It Look Like This Year?

HS Graduation, Class of 2019

A few days ago the Owl was reminded by one of the Class of 2021 students that they are fewer than 20 days from leaving Weston high school for their internships, and then from there, graduation, and onwards. With the graduation of the Class of 2021, Weston will say so long to one of the most extraordinary groups of kids to grace the hallways of 444 Wellesley Street. There are not many of us who can imagine what they have all gone through and surmounted this year.

So, the question comes: what are the plans for graduation? For those of you newer to Weston, you may not know that one of the town’s most beautiful traditions is graduation on the Town Green. High School Graduation has been held on the Town Green since 1963 (barring inclement weather which forces indoor graduation). Young men wear white jackets, young women in white dresses, a ceremony en plein air, with parents and graduates on folding chairs. Sprinkled along the hillside on camp chairs and blankets, town residents come out to cheer on the graduates.

Graduation on Town Green, 1976 Image credit: Weston Historical Society
Class of 2019 processes down the sidewalk before heading to seats on the Green

The last Town Green graduation was for the Class of 2019. In 2020, the Town Green graduation was canceled and instead became a car parade through town, the elementary school campus, and the high school. Because of Covid restrictions, Class of 2020 students graduated from the front seats of their cars.

Tonight at 7 pm, School Committee and the High School Student Advisory Council will discuss plans for the Class of 2021 graduation. In addition, plans for return to full school days are also on the agenda.


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