The Wes-TEN, Weston’s Beloved “News” Show, Starts Fashion War

The Wes-TEN, Weston’s almost-true “news” source released show #24 today called “Who Wore It Best – Weston.” The focus of this show was an epic fashion battle between the high school principal Paul Peri and the middle school assistant principal Phil Oates. Judges for the show were middle school and high school students, who were, let’s be truthful, somewhat nonplussed by the principals’ fashion statements.

The Wes-TEN was created in November 2019 by Weston Media Center as a way for Weston to take itself a little less seriously. Anchor and star Alyson Muzila has interviewed the one most excellent tree in Weston, announced the Wes-saissance of downtown Weston, and interviewed such popular local characters as Fire Department Chief Soar and Weston Police K9 Officer Knox. After almost two years as the high school reporter, Weston High School senior Alton Jenkins will be handing on his baton as he heads off to college–look for Postcards from Alton, a new segment already in development for the fall.

To watch the latest Wes-TEN, you can find it on the Weston Media site here. Oh, and full disclosure: the Owl is the producer and co-writer on the show. Should that have been written first? Ah well.

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