Weston Participating in Rain Barrel Program

Feeling a bit stressed that drought is coming this summer? Concerned that Weston will again blow out every single community in Massachusetts in its water use? Why not invest in a rain barrel? To make it easy, the Town of Weston is again participating in a program to make them available at a discounted price.

Why get a rain barrel? First of all, it’s cool. Second of all, you’ll be helping your community manage its water supplies,  minimize storm water runoff and save money on your water bill. And aren’t we tired of being queen of the pigs, Weston?

See that dark blue little rectangle? Yep, Weston (data from Department of Environmental Protection)

The Owl has recently heard that the DEP is creating a new color just for Weston: Navy “Don’t Give A Crap about the Environment” Blue. See it on the map when we break 130 residential gallons per capita day (state standard is 65, Wellesley hits 70, Lincoln 79 and we were at 124 gallons as of 2010). The Owl may or may not have a sense of humor on this. Back to the rain barrels.

You can order your rain barrel(s) at this site, and orders must be in by May 21, 2021. Pickup is at DPW from June 1-June 4. Order one for your high school graduate! Roll one down the street to your neighbor! Decorate it with river rocks. Why not? It’s yours.

Happy Earth Month, Weston!


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