Leaftopia (aka The Brush Dump) Open for Two More Saturdays

Photo by KOSTA MEDIA on Unsplash

Got leaves? Branches? A pick-up truck? For two more Saturdays this spring, you can drop off all of your tree’s leavings at Leaftopia (Merriam Street brush dump) on Conservation land across from the Community Gardens. You must have a valid recycling or Transfer Station sticker. You must also be polite to Steve who spends a lot of time there. There is no charge for this type of natural bulky waste, but please make sure it is “clean” and not containing remnants of Christmas decorations or lawn deer.

Leaftopia is open from 7 am to 3 pm this Saturday, April 24, and next Saturday, May 1. After that, your leaves must spend their summer at your house where, in all honesty, your oaks would prefer to have them anyway (you can also bring them to the main Transfer Station facility after May 1). The Owl recommends Leaftopia over the Transfer Station because it has the added bonus of seeing the giant stone ramp that used to lead into the Merriam Barn. More on that another day–it is the Owl’s favorite historical spot in Weston, and the site of what was once the largest barn in Middlesex County.

Leaftopia fine print: leaves must be in a compostable bag. Free woodchips and compost are also available. If I were Land’s Sake, I’d get some for around that hemlock. Oops, editorial comment. For more about the ins and outs of “Yard Waste” (seriously, does Leaftopia sound better or what?), please see the Town Page here.

Not what you do at Leaftopia. In the good old days, this was a trail through there. Not anymore.


  • Nicholas Danforth

    Why, in Owl’s name, is the dump closing at 3pm, the busiest moment of day and the week for us Weston gardeners/farmers?

    For this we pay high-sky town taxes?

    • Well, two things here. 1. I think Leaftopia being open from 9 am to 3 pm on a Saturday is pretty good. If you can’t get there on the next two Saturdays, bring your stuff to the regular transfer station, and 2. The Owl is not a Transfer Station afficionado and only carries a recycling sticker which costs $75. As far as I know, my “sky-high” taxes are not involved.

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