Annihilate or Be Annihilated – Garlic Mustard Warfare

It’s kill or be killed at the Town Green. Garlic mustard moving in on the daffodils.

Yesterday evening, the Owl and Mr. Owl took a stroll around Town Green. What a lovely spot–except for A TON of garlic mustard taking hold along the northern edge. Allowed to grow unchecked, garlic mustard will take over the world, and your garden, and crowd out all kinds of pollinator-friendly plants.

What to do, Weston? Annihilate it, with the guidance of Weston Forest & Trail Association and Weston Conservation this Sunday, May 1 at 1 pm. After doing battle, stay for the monthly WFTA walk at Town Green, led by Trustee Nancy Bates, and then attend the WFTA annual meeting online. It’s a day for WFTA (rhyming is bonus).

Garlic Mustard Workshop Details

On Sunday, May 2, Join WFTA Trustee Kristin Barbieri and Conservation Commissioner Rees Tulloss for an outdoor tutorial on identifying and removing one of Weston’s most persistent invasives.

If not removed, garlic mustard can crowd out important native plants. If removed properly, it can be made into a wonderful garlic mustard pesto, or fed to Rees’ chickens, or your own!

No need to sign up — just meet out at the steps on the north side of Town Green. Bring a little shovel if you have it, your gardening gloves, and of course, wear your mask!

Can’t make it? Watch the video by former Conservation Administrator Michele Grzenda and Weston Media Center and prepare for battle! Questions? Please send an email to

Monthly WFTA Walk

Also on Sunday, May 2, join us for the 2 pm WFTA-Garden Club walk at the Town Green — registration for that event is separate and can be accessed from the WFTA home page.

WFTA Annual Meeting

Also on Sunday, May 2 is the WFTA Annual Meeting at 4 pm by zoom. Hear what we’ve been up to for the past year and what we have planned for the future. Meet the Executive Board and a number of the other trustees. Sign up here and WFTA will send you the call-in details.

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