Back to Full Day for Middle School and High School This Week

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This week Weston Middle School and High School students will be returning to a longer school day, including lunch period. Both the High School and Middle School will begin the day at 8:45 am and finish at 3:15 pm, starting on Wednesday, April 28.

Middle School

At the MIddle School, parents may drop off their kids starting at 8:35 am. The north side buses may now actually make it to school on time, since 8:37 am seems to be their most common arrival time. Oops, editorial comment. Other Middle School important details are:

  1. The schedule will still have 6 periods, which will become longer instructional blocks, one mask break, one grade level lunch, and one School Wide Support (SWS block) each day. RLA will mirror the In-school schedule with some minor adjustments.
  2. Lunch Block:  Each grade will have a 30 minute lunch period.  Students may pre-order lunches or bring their own.  Lunch each day will occur outside, weather permitting.  For inclement weather scenarios, each student will have an assigned single lunch seat indoors, in our cafeteria, lobby, and Amy Potter Center. 
  3. The all-school SWS Block will occur each day from 2:45-3:15.  Each student is assigned a directed support location in the school with a teacher at each grade level.  During this time, students will work on their assignments, get support from teachers, and/or receive other forms of direct support.

Principal Gibbons and Vice Principal Oates will be holding a webinar tonight, Monday, April 26 at 6:30 pm to review plans. If you have a middle school student, you will receive call-in information by email.

Weston High School

High School

For the high school, things are changing in two phases. This week Wednesday-Friday, April 28-30, the school day will be extended to 8:45-3:15, using the current four block rotation, with 85 minute blocks and three lunch periods. The goal for this week, according to Principal Paul Peri, is to focus on preparing for and implementing having lunch at school.

Starting the week of May 3, the High School will implement the 8 day, 5 block schedule. The school has provided schedule specifics, including visuals, for all of these changes to the students and families.

If students or parents have concerns about the new schedules, they are encouraged to attend the upcoming parent meetings.

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