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The Pickup Issue: Things You Can Fit in a Weston Truck

Those who have lived in Weston for some time will be familiar with The Purse Issue in the Town Crier. At least once a year, or possibly more, the indefatigable Weston photographer Barbara Elmes visits the streets of Weston for the best of purses. Shortly thereafter, my compatriots (oh, fine, the purveyors of real news, the Weston Town Crier) publish

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Water Bills Discussed at Select Board

Following up on “Westonwatergate”, the Select Board discussed the issues that the most recent water bills caused in town (past Owl on this topic). If you’ve been living under a rock, the Owl will summarize this as some residents were surprised to get bills way over “normal” consumption and costs. Before discussing the current issues, the Select Board got an

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Did You Know? No Disturb Zones and Tree Removal Policy

Many folks new to Weston, and even some long-time residents, don’t realize that Weston does have a wetlands protection and tree removal policy. As a well-known tree-lover in town, the Owl receives a photo a week from people who are horrified by the clear-cutting of trees on private property. While most developers in town do know the law about this,

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Why Hillcrest Barn Matters

For residents who have lived here for longer than the Owl, you have perhaps lived through Case Estates being owned by Harvard (1944-2017) and perhaps even voted for buying it at Town Meeting. Perhaps you were a babe while Marian Case herself ran the show in Hillcrest Gardens (1909-1944). Having arrived after the purchase (actually before the transfer, but after

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Organic Poison Ivy Removal – The Good News and the Bad News

Four years ago the Owl noticed some three-leaved vines heading up a couple of white pines in the back yard. Being massively allergic to poison ivy and with an aversion to chemical remedies, what’s a person to do? Call Pesky Pete. Pete Barron is the owner and operator of Pesky Pete’s Poison Ivy Removal, an organic poison ivy removal company.

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Interim School Committee Member Named to One Year Term

In a special meeting this evening with attendance from Select Board and School Committee members, the three candidates for the one-year appointment to School Committee presented their statements of interest. The appointee will finish the last year of Rachel Stewart’s term after she resigned. In her statement, Danielle Black talked about her past experience on School Committee (9 years), and

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