Weston’s Garden Clubs and Gardenmania this Weekend

The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden at Mt Desert Island. The Owl’s touchstone.

It’s a gorgeous spring day and if you’re like the Owl, you are digging and planting and planning and scheming to win your zinnia showdown — oh okay, the last part is maybe just me. The daffodils are fading, but the crabapple tree you were planning to cut down in favor of a fringe tree? Well, it’s at its most glorious ever. It lives another year. Regardless of where you are in home gardening, flowers are everywhere, folks, so what are you going to do?

The Owl is going to bravely wade into a controversial subject here in Weston. If anyone asks who the Owl is, you have no idea. Here it is… Why are there two Garden Clubs in Weston? And how do they interact with the Weston Plant Pollinator Alliance (WPPA) and Tree Advisory Group (TAG)? Do they have anything to do with the Community Garden? Hmmm. Some of these questions shall be answered. Some shall not.

Let’s go take a look see on what we know and what we don’t know (in dateline format, not priority of clubs, okay? yikes)

Weston Garden Club:

From their webpage “The Weston Garden Club has been in existence since 1941.  The object of the Club is to stimulate the knowledge and love of gardening, horticulture, and allied creative activities; to promote civic beauty, and to conserve natural resources.” The Weston Garden Club is the keeper of THE WATERING TROUGH. Yes, it’s historic and we care. As an additional editorial comment, the Owl will say that she is very happy the watering trough is now safely surrounded by 2 foot-tall curbs–I used to worry a lot about the women planting out there in the middle of the second-worst intersection in Weston.

The Watering Trough. Photo credit: The Weston Garden Club

The Weston Garden Club has more than 160 active, associate, and provisional members and is affiliated with The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts. They are also a member of the Council of Weston Garden Clubs, which somehow sounds just slightly ominous. I would have gone with Alliance of Weston Garden Clubs, or perhaps a Festival of Weston Garden Clubs. Clearly, the Owl is not on the list of potential invitees to said club. Also, this whole “provisional member” thing sounds a sorority–is there rushing? Hazing? Trial by how many plants you accidentally kill? How about “apprentice gardener?” Hmmm. Onwards.

Although I am giving them a hard time, the Owl is a huge fan of the Garden Club and in particular Cynthia Chopra’s videos on Weston Media Center. They have great information and practical advice.

Country Garden Club of Weston:

If you are intimated by the WGC, the Country Garden Club sounds a little bit more low-key. Less skeery. The About CGC link is broken on their webpage (no judgement: the Owl keeps only a slippery grip on her own wordpress page), but this is on their homepage: “Our Club makes Weston a more beautiful place to live. We plant and maintain the high school courtyard, Rec Center and Council on Aging garden, Brook School apartment planters, and decorate the Golden Ball Tavern for its annual holiday open house, to name a few. Our newest project will be a pollinator garden at The Weston Art and Innovation Center.” Well, that sounds really good. They were founded in 1954 and “federated” in 1955. Ummm, what? The bottom line is that they are also members of the Federated States of Gardening Clubs–no that’s not right–the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts.

Bloom in Art, Weston Public Library, 2017, Photo credit Country Garden Club

The Country Garden Club also wins Owl love for the simple reason that they have a plant sale and they call it “Gardenmania”. These are my people (Leaftopia, Gardenmania, let’s go over the top!). The Owl bought too many geraniums at the sale two years ago…maybe three now…and all geranium victims are still alive. For the Owl, this is a major win.

This weekend is Gardenmania weekend, this year at the Golden Ball Tavern (NOT the Josiah Smith tavern which seems to be having boulder issues. Don’t ask; ignorance is bliss). There will also be a small pop-up poppy shop in front of Bros Weston. Here’s what you need to know:

Gardenmania with the Country Garden Club: May 6, 7 and 8

This year, the fundraising sale will be held Thursday, May 6 and Friday, May 7 from 9 to 5 at the Golden Ball Tavern and outside of Brother’s Marketplace. Additional hours on Saturday, May 8 are from 9 to 1 at the Golden Ball Tavern only. Plants will be supplied by Colonial Gardens in Concord.

Please join the Country Garden Club and choose flowers and foliage for your container garden or a lasting gift for Mom, Grandmother, Aunt, or the mother figure in your life, while supporting Weston’s beautification. Bring the family for this beautiful outdoor event (please wear a mask).

Happy gardening!


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