The Viles Farm on Conant Road Welcomes Spring

The Viles farm stand at 300 Conant

A recent morning trip home from the middle school netted a quick visit with Henry Viles, owner of the Viles farmstand at 300 Conant Road. The farmstand is currently awash with color from the Mother’s Day flower and even some rhubarb which is not as colorful, but quite yummy. The stories that Henry tells are always colorful as well, and the Owl cannot resist stopping in for a chat and to calm traffic by blocking Conant for a short while.

The Viles farm has quite a long history in Weston. The Viles family first built a house at the corner of Viles Road and Conant Street in the early 19th century. Like so many of these wooden structures with active fireplaces and too many s’mores evenings, the house burned down in 1908.

The sixth child of this original Viles was named Henry–and he became a milkman, building a home, dairy barn, and milk house in 1896 at 300 Conant. He delivered milk door to door in Waltham for 25 years (credit: Pam Fox, From Farm Town to Suburb). The cows were driven (not in cars) down North Avenue to pasture.

Viles house, built 1896 (photo 1898 and courtesy Jessicca Viles)

Current resident Henry first got into the whole farming business when he started selling vegetables from a wagon when he was six years old. Over time, the farmstand got a real “stand” and partnerships with other local places for flowers– this past Christmas, wreaths and Christmas decor–have brought about all kinds of beautiful displays that make you stop your car in the middle of the street (I recommend pulling into the driveway unless you enjoy colorful language as much as the Owl does). Watch for the Puddle of Doom after large rainstorms.

Henry Viles watering down the farmstand on a warm day.

Vegetables will start to show up in mid-June but for now, head on over and buy your mama some flowers. Or send your kids on bicycles to get you some flowers. Payment is as it ever was–an “Honor Box” where you stuff in your singles, fives and twenties. Or, on a couple of desperate occasions, there might have even been an Owl check made out to Mr. Viles.

A true community farm. 300 Conant Road, Weston


  • patricia j davenport

    Beautiful Stand Henry

    • In spite of spring snows, Henry, you have done yourself proud with your overflowing fragrant flowers – in pots or lovely bouquets – all ready to brighten Mother’s Day! The stand is delightfully set up, with so many beautiful fresh choices & colors – something for everyone looking for the best in blooms

  • Henry we lived across the street your dad had a big feild of corn and veg next to hour house

    • Warren French! ❤️ My dads best friend! Was that corn field across from our house on your side of Conant? There has been nothing planted across the street that I can remember but I’m sure it was probably farmed at some point. Unk doesn’t remember lol.

    • Are you related to the French of French’s Field in Jericho Town Forest?

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