2021 Weston Dog Breeds and Names

Finley the Wonder Dog, a Weston labrador

The 2021 registered dogs list in Weston provides some humor, some surprises, and some just-what-you-expect. One of the surprises is that the number of registered dogs in Weston has actually declined since 2019 which had 995 dogs, to 923 dogs in 2021. Are people not registering? Or has the pandemic puppy “surge” been fake news? Or, have chipmunks been the surge, as seems likely from the state of the front doorsteps?

Dog Breeds – Who Wins?

Perhaps unsurprising to most is that labrador retrievers are the overall breed winners for Weston. With 97 labradors (not counting lab mixes), this popular dog breed trounces golden retrievers by 14. German shepherds are in third place with 26. Australian shepherds? We have 16 of those. This is not counting the mixes, and the fancy mixes (“southern mixes” and doodles that is)–goldendoodles roll in with 49, labradoodles number 46, and there are 15 Australian labradoodles.

Nessa the German Shepherd

Of the smaller dog breeds, the competition is extremely fierce. Shih Tzus and King Charles Cavaliers have 15 each. Havanese are right behind with 14 (again, not counting mixes) and 12 Yorkshire terriers. The number of mixes in the smaller breeds makes the Owl a little dizzy–havapoos, shihpoos, cavapoos, cockapoos, help.

Wendy and Kate the cavapoos

New to the Owl are the sheepadoodles (and now I want one), and some breeds that sound very very fancy. There are 8 coton de tulears in town, 3 lagotto romagnolos, 1 Alaskan klee kai, 1 kooikerhondje, a puli, 2 Bouvier de Flandres and a spinoni italiano. There is also a Finnish spitzi and a Finnish lapphund.

There are two Newfoundlands in town, and their owners are accepting food donations for their upkeep (kidding–the Owl covets a Newfie). Of the other big breeds, there is one Leonberger (!!), three St. Bernards and 3 great danes. Our one registered Greater Swiss Mountain Dog must be lonely.

Monk the Newfie and Theo the Saint Bernard “puppy”

There are zero stated “pitbulls” or Am Staffs, though the Owl knows of at least one awesome one. Perhaps they are classified as terriers or mixes. Katie Puppy, our registered “lab mix” is actually a pygmy treeing labradoodle if you believe the genetic chart.

May be an image of dog
Nugget the rescue Am Staff. One awesome dog and canine good citizen

Dog Names

Mosi (5), Pili (1), Simba (13), Nala (9) the Shih Tzus living their best teal lives

The most popular dog name in Weston is Lucy (Wellesley and Natick both report that Lucy is their second most popular dog name–see here). In second place is Coco/Cocoa, quickly followed by Scout, Toby/Tobi, Max, Bailey, Charlie, Cody, Daisy, Sadie and Luna. There are 7 Ellies, 2 Ellas, 1 Ellie and 3 Elis.

It seems likely that some residents were very very hungry when naming their dogs. Weston is the proud home of Lasagna, Potato, Artichoke, Pumpkin, Cashew, Apple, Pickles and Creme Brulee. Blueberry, one of my favorite dogs I used to see on the trails is now 13 years old. Because we live in Massachusetts, there is a Dunkin the chihuahua, and of course a Biscotti and some Cookies. Two owners cut to the chase with “Butters” and “Sugar”. I must meet Waffles.

Sports names might elude the Owl if they’re too Boston, but we do have a Fenway and a Wrigley. And yes, there are 7 Bradys.

The Owl’s favorite names that pretty much demand the backstory are Snuggyguts, Otis McMojo and Howdy . If those owners could please step forward, the Owl wishes to talk with you. Also much appreciated in making everyone’s day just that much better are “Edgrrr”, “Clawdine” and “Furnando”. I wish to also meet Dragon. And Fonzie the puggle. What is up with T-Rex the yorkie? Not sure.

Zucca, the Australian shepherd

Two Bernadoodles are named Frankie. There is a cavapoo named Ginsburg. There are four Moose (Mooses? Meese?) in town–3 are golden retrievers and one is a yellow lab. We have an Albus, Darcy, Ulysses, and an Attila. There is Bumblebee the Cairn Terrier. Jacks and Buddys number only three each–time for everyone to re-read some Jack London.

The Owl has enjoyed writing this article more than any other. And don’t worry, names of owners and addresses are not provided by the town so I will not show up and ogle your dogs. They’re fair game on the trails though so see you and all 8 billion labradors out there. Incidentally, if you have forgotten to license your dog (it’s the law when they reach 6 months), please see here to register them.

Special thanks to Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly for her assistance in this article.

Winston the Leonberger wishes you a happy day


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