Shop Local for Mother’s Day, Weston

Beautiful and yummy things for Mother’s Day, at Weston Table

If you haven’t already gotten your Mother’s Day present for your mom, or for yourself, or for a friend, the day is young to get out to the local places. Here are three recommendations for last minute gifts, without the crazy of a big-box place (and yeah, sadly I’m counting some of the big garden stores in that right now–bring your helmet and a good book for the line at Russell’s).

Weston Table

The Owl flew in to the Weston Table for a quick look around and almost got out without buying something. And yet…no. Hopeless, really. Weston Table has such a beautiful vibe that I wish they would put in a couch so I could sit around there for the day. Yes, there are many expensive items (skip bringing your small kids with you on the shopping expedition–you do NOT want to break a Simon Pearce) but there are also items at all price levels. My favorite items today all fell in a pig theme. Again, this might not be what you want to see in your present box on Sunday morning, but it certainly depends on your mom’s sense of humor.

The pig stuff kills me, especially when paired with “Weston”

According to Amanda, the friendly shop staff today, the items flying off the shelves are the honeys, jams, and mugs from Emma Bridgewater. If your mom is a lobster fan, you will be absolutely in the right place–and the oyster plates too are lovely. Need a gag gift for your puppy? There are those, too. I skipped it for Katie Puppy, who shreds every single toy she has ever met, and the “Lick Croix toy would last 4 seconds.

Here’s some ideas:

Weston Table is located at 466 Boston Post Road, and is open from 10 am – 6 pm, Tuesday-Saturday. The website is open 24/7, and shipping is free to Weston. If you’re in a rush, call them up and they will get you what you need.


Technically this is not a store, but rather a pop-up in front of the Golden Ball Tavern. Organized and benefiting the Country Garden Club of Weston (and Weston as well–they do some wonderful projects for us all), the flower display makes you hit the brakes as you pass by the usually quiet tavern. In rapid succession, the Owl was able to secure lantana, rosemary, oregano and an amazing Martha Washington geranium. And then of course stayed to get all the local gossip amongst the local and fun Country Gardeners. They seem not to be too mad about my article about them.

Photos below are from yesterday–the inventory was not as high today. Photo credit to the Country Garden Club as my hands were full.

Hours today are 9-5, tomorrow 9-1. Golden Ball Tavern is at 662 Boston Post Road. If the Garden Club sells out, head up to 300 Conant Road to Henry Viles’ farm for flowers.

The Trendy Girl

If your mom is a trendy mom, or just loves fun clothing, head into Trendy Girl. There are all kinds of fun fashion items. What says Mother’s Day better than a Badass Mom clutch? Definitely, this will make waves at the soccer sidelines. And we all know that your mom is the MVP in your family–you just may not remember what MVP really stands for.

The Trendy Girl is located next to the Barber Shop at 483 Boston Post Road, and is open 10-5 today and 10-4 pm tomorrow.


Without stating the obvious–scratch that–to state the obvious, if we don’t shop in downtown Weston, there will be no downtown Weston, unless your favorite routing includes banks and real estate agents. While we didn’t have time to stop into Florentine Frames today, that is another wonderful place to find art or get treasures framed for your mom.

While you’re shopping, please stop into Bros (which also does well for flowers for mom), or grab something to eat at Dumpling Daughter and Theo’s. The Weston Owl acknowledges with sadness the imminent closing of Ye Olde Cottage.

Shop Local! Happy Mother’s Day shopping!

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