Top Five Reasons to Attend Saturday’s Town Meeting

The Owl is always surprised by how many town residents don’t show up to Town Meeting, which is every Weston registered voter’s chance to have a say in town affairs. While childcare is difficult (been there!), there are always possibilities. This year, with Town Meeting at Proctor Field (the HS football field) and on a Saturday afternoon….well, that might make things easier, no? Yeah, yeah, soccer, baseball, etc…choose your priorities, Weston. But if you don’t vote, you are legally prohibited from complaining–yes, that by-law was passed last year by a 2-vote margin. Ah, how I wish that were true.

In any case, for your reading pleasure, here are the top five reasons to go to Town Meeting:

  1. You need to get out of your house. You are done organizing, painting, folding, tweaking, zooming, cooking, reading, pandemic-ing. Find your outside pants. Get outside.
  2. You have a crush on people in authority. No, not the Select Board, wise guys. The police and fire folks are always hanging around, ostensibly for us to feel safe, but really to taunt each other over which has the better station dog. Come out and say hello to them.
  3. You have always wanted to wave a flag on a football field. It’s okay–don’t be embarrassed–lots of us have referee dreams. In this case, the flag will be a piece of paper, but on the bright side, no one will yell creative swears at you. Well, no promises.
  4. You miss seeing other Westonians in person. Yeah, they’re hard to recognize over their masks, but they are indeed your neighbors and most of them are nice.
  5. Donuts. There will be donuts and a taco truck. Oh, wait. No. Never mind. Really the number one reason for attending Town Meeting is that you care. You care about the numbers in the budget, and plans for pools and baseball fields, and trimming trees, and fur bans and zoning changes. You care because you live here. And maybe you have kids who live here. And maybe the idea always is to make things better, year after year.

If none of that works to inspire you to get to Town Meeting, just know that there are always ALWAYS moments of humor such as the Lamson Disneyland comment (2016), the brown sweater and edamame (2019) and many other inside jokes that the Owl is too recently-arrived to know. There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.

2021 Weston Town Meeting, Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 2 pm. Proctor Field, Weston High School. More relevant information is on the Weston Town page, including knowing the issues, watching the videos, and understanding what happens. The Owl also highly recommends bringing your warrant book–at the very least you have a place to jot down your grocery list, or questions. Because of the outdoor location, there will be NO visual presentations. There will, however, be a cheer section. The Owl is in it. See you Saturday, Weston–remember, voting is not a spectator sport.

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