Weston Middle School Eighth Grade Will Get a Moving Up Ceremony

Cover of a Sandra Boynton book–hope no one’s moving out…

Parents of eighth-graders at Weston Middle School received word this morning that the absolutely incredible Class of 2025 will enjoy a Moving On Ceremony, currently planned for June 17. The Owl might have two Owlets in said class and will attempt to tamp down both bias and joy.

While details are not yet available, the week of June 14th will have some fun events involving popsicles and BBQ and a dunk tank for Mr. Oates (last one is not true…in spite of a citizen’s petition to that effect). On the 17th, the plan is to Move On over at Proctor Field at 10 am. No word yet on the taco truck but parents were informed that only two guests will be allowed per student.

With some of the “bubble class” of 2025 switching to private school this fall, this is a wonderful way to say goodbye to the best public middle school in the universe. Yes, the Owl might have a meeting with the principal tomorrow. Note that the Owlets will be continuing on to the best public high school on the planet.

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