Westonians Just doin’ It for Themselves (and Us Too)

Anyone who has lived in Weston since say, yesterday, knows that the Dog Poop Battle is endless. It is similar to the garlic mustard invasive battle– both are actually pervasive, though one is 99% human-created (the 1% is the dog who has to do its natural business). One is also very very smelly, while the other can be made into pesto (please do not think too much about that sentence).

Everyone knows–and I mean EVERYONE–that dog poop should be picked up in public spaces, put in a little plastic bag, and carried out of that woods or that field. Not hidden behind a tree for the WFTA trail walker to find (I will say that the Highland water tank dog-poo-bag leaver is unrepentent. I shall find you even if it takes a game camera). Not along the pathway so you’ll “remember it when you come back.” Reminder! Your memory is terrible! Dog poop bags are to be picked up just like the dog poo yoga sign says–get some exercise! Carry it out to your car or your home garbage can. Yes, it’s smelly–this is why it belongs in your car on the way to a garbage bin NOT percolating in a sunny spot on a trail. I digress.

Not the right place for a poop bag.

At one of Weston’s more popular properties (to remain nameless here but is quite identifiable by those in the know), one resident has quite simply said “Enough!”. This exclamation might have actually been preceded by a number of expletives–we shall never know. Since the dog poop folks clearly cannot fit another single thing in their own car and have left poop bags near a lovely wetland and pond, this resident has donated a garbage bin for others’ use. This resident is undoubtedly rolling it in and out of this path on at least a weekly basis. This resident gets a gold star and a pin from WFTA.

While I know the feedback will be that we all should not have to pick up after the Pigpens and Cascãos (Brazilian pigpen) of the world, the fact is that the worst-of-the-worst transgressors are purposefully leaving the crap there. Unrepentant. So one either gets involved or one complains about it. This person has chosen the former.

Mystery garbage can donator: the Owl likes your style.

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