New School Committee Seated Tonight

Apologies for the screenshot…so hard to get 4 people to look up at the same time. 2021 issues.

Tonight the “youngest” School Committee in many years has its first official meeting (by zoom). Seniority lies with Anita Raman, currently Vice Chair, who was elected in 2019, and followed by Alyson Muzila (2020) and then the most recently-elected members, Attia Linnard and Ken Newberg (May 2021). The last open spot on the 5-member School Committee will be decided in a joint meeting of the Select Board and School Committee tomorrow night (past Owl here).

As part of tonight’s meeting, the Committee will be “reconstituted” (this is as stated on agenda–though I thought that is what you do to orange juice) with the naming of a new Chair and Vice-Chair. The Owl is willing to go out on a limb (especially because this is where she usually is) and say it’s likely that Ms. Raman will be named Chair. The drama will surely be found in the vice-chair selection. Lots of commentary to be made here, very little liability insurance so will leave it be. After that drama is done, the usual amount of school reports and discussion of strategic planning will be done. It’s the end of the year (!!!) and the Owl hopes there will be more discussion of celebrating the amazing class of 2021.

Tonight at 7 pm! Agenda can be seen here, call-in information at the link above. If you have comments or questions before the meeting, you can always reach out to the members at their joint address:

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