Summer Camp Options in and Outside of Weston

An Owlet at his first US soccer camp – in Wellesley

The past week of heat and energetic kids (not mine–mine are teenagers and energy seems to have melted straight off them) make most parents think “what in the world am I going to do with them this summer?” Now, if you’re like some parents (not me), you will have booked their sleepaway camp in the Cape, New Hampshire, Maine etc in September. You are all set. But if you are not in this group of planners, you may want to take another look at possibilities for day camps in the area. The bottom line, though, is that you’re late. Do it right now.

The Owl has made an attempt at finding and including kids summer camp options in and around Weston. There are a lot. These do not include any sleepaway camps or anything that involved more than a small amount of effort from the Owl. Oh, just kidding, but only once started does one realize how many camps there are out there…and except for two or three exceptions, these are all outside Boston. I can’t even start on Boston, yikes.

Availability at all camps is changeable so call or write each individual camp. Waitlists work so don’t lose heart. In addition, the sWellesley Report maintains an even larger list of camps and I suggest also checking there.

If anything has changed on this post, or if you would like a summer camp included in the list, please contact the Owl at

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