Land’s Sake’s Farmstand is Opening on June 5

Land’s Sake Farm’s Opening Day will be Saturday, June 5 and the day will be full of farmstand goodies, and opportunities to meet the farm’s workers as well as other local businesses. It’s a perfect time to re-acquaint yourself with one of the mainstays of our town. You can also say hello to Raspberry and Henry, the bunnies, and maybe there are a couple more too. Bunnies seem to appear everywhere except in my backyard due to the fat hunting dog that calls my backyard prime territory. Katie Puppy 2, baby bunnies 0, woodchuck 0.

The program will run from 10 am – 2 pm, and the farmstand will be open until 3 pm. Since it’s spring, expect lots of leafy greens and there will be a “name that mystery green” game — winner gets to take home the … whatever it is. No that’s not true–but Land’s Sake won’t know exactly what greens will get there until next week. Local raw honey is available, and jams, spices and other locally-sourced foods from other local farms. For a complete list of who is there and what is there, please see the Land’s Sake events page.

And with that, the Owl is taking the Memorial Day weekend off from news and views. Don’t do anything newsworthy, please. Next week we’ll take a look at the upcoming Class of 2021 Graduation, the Wes-TEN and Weston Forest & Trail Association. And all the other exciting Weston happenings. Have a great holiday weekend!


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