The Pickup Issue: Things You Can Fit in a Weston Truck

Not a Weston pickup truck: Photo by Manuel Asturias on Unsplash

Those who have lived in Weston for some time will be familiar with The Purse Issue in the Town Crier. At least once a year, or possibly more, the indefatigable Weston photographer Barbara Elmes visits the streets of Weston for the best of purses. Shortly thereafter, my compatriots (oh, fine, the purveyors of real news, the Weston Town Crier) publish the results on the front of Section B–the Purse issue. Before anyone reads anything into this, the Owl is a huge fan of Barbara Elmes and her photography–just this past week, she photographed the gardens of Weston.

While the Owl does not pretend to compete with the Town Crier in real reporting (mostly because of an inability to NOT comment on stuff), we do feel a bit of a competitive urge. It is in that spirit that on this rainy Memorial Day weekend, we usher in our first Pickup Issue, which is subtitled “Things You Can Fit in a Weston truck.” The Owl is somewhat tempted to challenge the Bangor Police Department’s TC to see what you can fit into a Maine pickup truck but has zero intention of losing so forget it. Mainers fit snowmobiles into Suburus so you can imagine.

So here we go, the Pickup Issue:

A Conservation Commissioner volunteered at a town garlic pull and nearly filled the back with the good stuff. Happy chickens.
The Rig de Blu has fit many an item in, including this donated sofa which is heading over to Brandeis for the use of poor graduate students. Upcycling!
A pickup truck owned by a Select Board member has twice (at least) been sighted helping out Weston Forest & Trail with junk dumped on their properties
And this is the same Select Board pickup truck on a rescue mission for hungry sheep–this is hay from a local Lincoln farm heading to a Weston barn.

And that’s it for this year’s Pickup Issue. If you’d like a photo considered for next year’s edition, make sure to do good things and then take a picture of it. Also,if you can fit a snowmobile in a Suburu, do let us know and we’ll make sure to throw down the gauntlet to Maine.


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