The Horses Are Back at Dickson Ring This Saturday, June 5

Young riders at Dickson Ring. Photo credit: Weston-Wayland Open Spring Horse Show

This weekend the horses are back at the Ruth B. Dickson Memorial Rings on Concord Road in an event run by the Tierney Equine Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to maintaining open land and equine sports in Weston. The Tierney Schooling Show starts at 9 am on Saturday, June 5, and ends when the horses get tired. Actually, the Owl has no idea how this goes but plans to show up and find out.

For those unfamiliar with local conservation history, it is due to “horse-y” folks that a lot of the town’s lands are preserved as open space. The land where the riding rings is located was acquired by the town in 1958 for Conservation purposes and to promote the education of young riders. In 1963, horse rings were constructed and the Weston 4-H Club, formed in 1949 and the oldest 4-H horse club in Massachusetts, began to run fall and spring shows there after moving from the Saddle and Bridle Club that used to be on Conant Road. The rings were named in memory of Ruth B. Dickson, a Westonian well-known for her love of horses.

The last horse event held in Weston was the September 2019 Hunter Pace event which saw horses out and about on many trails in Jericho Forest, Ogilive Forest, and the College Pond conservation area. The Owl loved watching the horses run up the hill in the apple orchard–there is a magic in the drumbeat of hooves of these gorgeous animals.

This weekend’s event is a “low-key” schooling show. If you are unfamiliar with equine terminology, a schooling show is one where the competition is geared towards inexperienced riders and horses in preparation for more “serious” showings. The rules are less strict and the dress code more casual–it’s like a practice run.

Horse trailers will be filling the field near the entrance to Dickson Ring at 290 Concord Road. Folks who want to watch the action are encouraged to park across the street at Burchard Park (269 Concord Road). For more information about the foundation or the upcoming horse show, please send an email to, or find them on Facebook.

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