Weston’s Weekend Calendar Summary: Good Luck Doing It All

Weston High School Class of 2021 at graduation practice, June 3, 2021

As more and more events pop onto the calendar, the Owl is wondering what in the world supercharged the town this weekend. In case you’re having trouble keeping a grip on all that is happening in this extremely exciting town, here’s the round-up. If the Owl missed your event, send me an email (info@westonowl.com).

Friday, June 4:

5 pm: The Weston High School Class of 2021 graduates and heads out into the wide, wide world. Go ‘cats. Weston Town Green (avoid the area unless you enjoy traffic or have a graduate). https://westonowl.com/2021/05/30/sunday-gratitude-the-class-of-2021/

8 pm: Weston Friendly Society Play Palooza. 10-minutes plays by local theatre organization. First night of two. https://westonowl.com/2021/06/03/play-palooza-weston-friendlys-virtual-theatre-festival-starts-tomorrow/

Saturday, June 5

All day: Mural painting at the rail trail underpasses. Bring the artists some nice cold water and donuts. https://westonowl.com/2021/03/25/mass-central-rail-trail-murals-final-selection/

9 am-11 am: Knotweed Warrior Muster at Merriam Street brush dump. Kick this invasive’s tush and have fun doing it. https://westonowl.com/2021/06/02/conservation-takes-first-steps-to-eradicate-knotweed-at-brush-dump-volunteers-needed/

9 am-1 pm: Tierney Schooling Show at the Dickson Rings on Concord Road. Nothing like watching the horsies jump around a riding ring. Seriously. https://westonowl.com/2021/06/01/the-horses-are-back-at-dickson-ring-this-saturday-june-5/

9 am-1 pm: Resident Shredding Event. Shred whatever is bugging you. No further comment necessary. Weston Police Station. https://westonowl.com/2021/05/21/resident-shredding-day-will-be-june-5/

10 am-2 pm: Weston’s Land’s Sake farmstand opening and food-a-palooza (well, why not? Weston Friendly did it). Outdoor fun in the sun. https://westonowl.com/2021/05/27/lands-sakes-farmstand-is-opening-on-june-5/

8 pm: Weston Friendly Society Play Palooza. 10-minutes plays by local theatre organization. Second night of two https://westonowl.com/2021/06/03/play-palooza-weston-friendlys-virtual-theatre-festival-starts-tomorrow/Sun

Sunday, June 6

Town-wide recovery day. And church, if you believe.


This does not count the final frenzy of soccer and baseball and yes… LACROSSE, all you editors from afar. You know who you are. Enjoy the games this weekend, and wear your Weston spirit wear. Also sunscreen. Lots of water…it’s going to be hot.


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