Sunday Gratitude: Weston Beach

Weston Beach, oak tree and adirondack chairs. Also orange cones. I’m tired of them. And I’m Dutch so I like orange.

Yesterday, I sat with a sister alum (Wellesley College in case it wasn’t obvious) on the marginally-uncomfortable Adirondack chairs (who knew that spines curve? Oh wait) on Weston Beach (you know what I’m saying) and chatted. It turns out that you can solve a lot of problems when you sit around outside in chairs–we have solved some tree issues, social media gaffes and various things that you will not care, or frankly ever hear about. Here’s the news on those Weston Beach chairs–you can sit there for approximately one hour before your butt falls permanently asleep. We stayed almost two so we had to stagger to our cars.

While sitting around, I also saw about a half dozen things I would change if I could. The gravel beach for one (Ms. Oak is definitely not loving gravel up to her toes–where will her leaves go and get caterpillars? I feel leaf blowers in her future). I would standardize the signs over the stores on the Walgreens plaza (could we have some cohesiveness?–it is actually a pretty building which I wouldn’t have known until I sat across from it). I wish the tree tiki skirts to be removed–it’s time for the trees to breathe the summer air and get their naked on. And in a throwback to curbgate, my friend had opened a car door into the high curb and gained a scratch–but I’m not going there. I will have time to get involved with none of the above–there are, as they say, other fish to fry for this Owl.

As we sat and chatted near the soon-to-be-planted-by-a-garden-club planter, various other groups and individuals flowed into and out of the groups of chairs and benches around the beachfront. A single man with a computer,two bicyclists, a group of young folk (where anyone under 40 is a young’un to the Owl) and then two couples who had bought their lunch at Bros. The murmurs and laughter of the unmasked friends and neighbors just makes me smile too. I am consider starting Owl office hours (well, hour, since I still can’t feel my tush) at the Beach and people can stop by and give me gossip that I will ignore in favor of real fact as I present it. Almost fact.

So my gratitude today is for Weston Beach and its Adirondack chairs. Check them out sometime.

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  • I look forward to OOH (Owl Office Hours)! And this time, I’ll be more careful when I open my car door…..

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