Whassup at the Schools This Week?

Not Weston students but could be: Photo by note thanun on Unsplash

As of Friday, June 4, Weston Public Schools launched the new alums out into the wide world and that leaves the kindergarten to 11th graders in charge of the hallways. And here’s the news: no one cares. Or so my teenagers tell me every time I try to tell them a story. We are now in the last two weeks of classes, parties, tests, clappings-out and movings-on. And the final sprint for our fantastic faculty and administration who have turned it up to eleven this year.

So, in case anyone cares…here’s what’s going on. If the Owl doesn’t know about it, it’s not going on. Or her sources don’t care either. If you have facebook, you can have background music from the grade 7 orchestra’s The Final Countdown, which is a whole new ball game by strings. If you don’t, I cannot help you.


Today: Roast and toast at Country, Woodland, Middle and High Schools (Field has air conditioning). Weston is super hardcore–both Waltham and Wellesley have called half days due to the heat but because we have so.many.trees shading our schools, we are doing the frog experiment. Expect kids to sproink out of there at regular time and go immediately into ice baths. Or Valley Pond, which is really the same thing. The call will be made about tomorrow later today.

All week at the Middle School: standardized state testing called MCAS. Good times. As an editorial note, what is the point of MCAS this year? Discuss amongst yourselves; meet you at Weston Beach when it is cool enough not to fry an egg on the arm rests. Worried about kids taking exams when it is 96 degrees in the shade? Don’t be. I took my GMAT in London during jack-hammering of the entire building next to us (love you Covent Garden) and still got into Kellogg (go ‘cats, as well). These kids are champs.

Tonight at 7 pm: School Committee featuring your newly-constituted elected and appointed officials. The agenda is here and while it looks to be relatively drama-free, you never know. It could be a really good time especially as actual factual end-of-year information will be presented. Also, special services with Jennifer Truslow presenting in her swan song for Weston. And technology wrap-up. Cool.

A short commercial break: don’t forget to sign up for the PTO–if you want one of those fantastic limited-edition paper directories, do it now. Here’s the link.

Incidentally, if you missed the communication on this, the draft strategic plan for schools is online and ready for your perusal. A vote is expected by the school committee on June 14 so if something makes you faint, you’ll want to send in your comments before the 14th.

Athletics - Weston High School

What else? Ummm, last week of most sports–today’s middle school track meet was canceled because of heat but hopefully that will be re-scheduled. Head on out to watch the last soccer, baseball, softball and LACROSSE games. In case you have never been to a game, Weston wears maroon. Or white. Maybe black sometimes. Okay, we have wildcats on our clothing. High school schedule here.

Next week we’ll take a look at Weston’s clapping-out tradition (3rd and 5th), the moving-on ceremony (8th) and the Lottery for parking spaces at the high school. Anyone read that short story by Shirley Jackson? Nasty business. Just kidding, I know nothing about lotteries but I think maybe junior prom is next week? I shall turn over some stones to find out.

That’s all I’ve got, Weston.

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