Rules of the Game: Owl Editorial

Dear readers,

This morning the Owl received a fairly nasty set of comments on a post. It was personal and it mentioned my kids. It was inaccurate on the size of my house, where my kids go to school and what car I drive. The Owl knows that some of my posts make some people think twice, but I do not believe in personal attacks. Take those over to Facebook which seems to be the right place for them. Or pick up the phone, or meet at Weston Beach.

This may come as a surprise but this is a labor of love. I love this town and all its funny moments. I am not getting rich from the donations. When I’m wrong, I apologize. In this case, I did make an apology and was rewarded by a personal and unpleasant approach. Which mentioned the Owlets. My joy has been squashed.

Here are the rules of the game: if my kids get hurt at all by what I write, I’m gone. If you don’t like what I write, I am available by email and happy to meet, possibly with police back-up (just kidding, almost).

I am going to think a bit on this, and then see how to move forward.

The Owl


  • I am sorry that anyone would write such things to you. They should be ashamed. We are all not perfect and are allowed to have our own opinions. I love the Owl. You are doing a great job and service and hope it never stops. A person who makes such a threat though should be reported to the Weston police. It is NOT acceptable in my opinion.

  • Ellen Freeman Roth

    You are a town treasure. It’s abhorrent and cowardly of someone to be in any way threatening.

  • yuck. We all have had moments of temporary insanity caused by lack of sleep, excess of alcohol, or maybe even depression. But we should be old enough to know that in those moments we have to retreat to our time-out space – a space which is definitely not online.

  • Mary Ann Pappanikou

    Can’t believe you’ve been subjected to something like you have. I enjoy your comments and appreciate keeping a senior like me informed of town “things” and with a wonderful sense of humor.

  • Christine Brandt

    I too am sorry to see that someone had to act in this way. Your writing is wonderful and I look forward to each edition. I agree with reporting the offensive communication to the police, and perhaps they might provide good guidance on next steps.

  • Your little dig about Facebook is why I seriously love your writing style. You are so famous you are getting hate mail? A testament to your success I guess? Keep up the great writing! We all need it!

    • I am so sorry that this happened to you. That anyone would say anything about your children is beyond me. Like everyone else I really enjoy your writing and especially your humor!

  • I hope you will feel comfortable enough to continue with your wonderful posts! They bring a light to my day and I always enjoy them.

  • Your writing, your humor and your participation in community affairs is always welcome in my household and I think in most others who I know subscribe. Please don’t let one nasty gust blow you off your branch. We need you!

  • I have lived in Weston for thirty years and have learned more about my town in the few months I have been reading your wonderful emails than in the previous years. Your articles are informative and witty and they make me laugh! I am so sorry you and your family had to experience threatening communications and I hope you will follow up with the police so they do not do it to someone else.

  • Ugh. This is inexcusable. You already know what I think about your writing and your incomparable contribution to the town. I hope your correspondent crawls back under whatever rock they came out from and that you are able to carry on with your witty, uplifting, and informative missives.

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