Water Bills La Revanche* Plus Other Fun Stuff at Select Board tonight

Quabbin Reservoir. Photo credit

Tonight the Select Board meeting starts with a 6:00 pm Executive Session with Zoning Board of Appeals. You are not invited to that. I am not invited to that. The public session begins at 6:30 pm, though if the Executive Session runs over, you just need to cool your heels in the waiting room. Pour yourself a nice cool drink. Pet the cat–you know he’ll get in the way of your zoom camera if you don’t. Peruse the agenda.

At 6:30 pm, there will be a “Recent Water Billing Update.” Hopefully, there will be a plan going forward for how to pay bills with irregular usage or tier level issues (see the Owl on this, and the summary of the previous Select Board meeting). I will certainly be surprised if this gets wrapped up in the half-hour allotted to it, but as an eternal Cubs fan, I know that there is always hope. If you want to know what’s going on, please do join the meeting–I cannot promise that the Owl will write it up. Be a Cubs fan.

Let’s see, what else? a Water Tank study…a grant of location for National Grid at Wellesley Street at Sylvan Lane,
Woodchester Drive & Radcliffe Road…is that where gas was bubbling up through the asphalt? Not sure, but the Owl assumes that all abutters were notified and will be there learning stuff…and then…at 7:15 Resident Comments. Be on time. You can comment on anything at that point–how you feel about the naming of taverns, provide kudos for pothole fixing, whatever. You get negative points for scurrilous comments. You get extra points if you know the meaning of “scurrilous.”

At 7:15 pm, there is a discussion of a Gun Club Lane parking signage proposal. Basically, there is a public safety issue on this private road because too many folks are parking there for rail trail and forest access, leaving emergency vehicles no choice but to bonk the mega Suburbans and Tahoes out of the way, scratching the shiny chrome bumpers of our red fire trucks and giving the fire dog whiplash. This has not actually happened yet but it might.

After that, a policy change for Parkland and Town Green usage is being discussed. I don’t know what this means. I may or may not stick around to find out. I’m midway through Gotham and Penguin is up to no good. The last items are Roadway Moratorium and Summer Hours. I had no idea that Weston has control over the hours of summer–I learn something new every day.

See you later.

*La revanche = Revenge in French. Never let it be said that you learned nothing with the Owl.

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