Weston’s Memorial Pool Opens Saturday, June 12 at 11 AM

Yahoo! Photo credit: http://www.westonma.gov

Just in time for it not to be blistering hot anymore, Weston’s Memorial Pool opens Saturday, June 12 at 11 am. Time to find your bathing suits and earplugs, folks, because the screamin’ begins as soon as those toes hit the arctic water. And please do not waste anyone’s time complaining about the temperature–it is one of the charms of our gigantic vintage pool. And you’ll like it in August, I promise.

Memorial Pool is located at 6 Alphabet Lane, between Country and Woodland schools.  Membership badges are available for residents and non-residents. Usage on a daily (non-summer-long) basis is allowed for residents, and for non-residents as long as they are with a resident. You can get more information on the pricing of badges and daily fees here.

Pool Hours – subject to change

Saturday, June 12 through Sunday, August 8:

  • Monday – Friday, 12  to 7:30 PM (Adults 18 + only on Monday and Friday, 12-1 PM)
  • Saturday and Sunday, 11 AM to 7:30 PM

Memorial pool will close at 6:30 PM starting August 9.


“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” 

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