Eighth Grade “Moving On” Ceremony Plans Becoming Clearer

The site of Weston Middle School Moving On ceremony. Photo credit: shawsportsturf.com.

Weston Middle School does not have a “graduation” ceremony for the eighth-graders, but rather a “Moving On” event which marks the time when students move on to either Weston High School or to private school (there is also moving out for those leaving Weston but that is technically not a ceremony).

“For at least 20 years, we have held a “Moving On Ceremony” because the graduation aspect was always seen as a high school accomplishment,” said Mr. Gibbons, who this year marks his own milestone of 20 years as Weston Middle School principal.

While the Moving On ceremony does not equal the formality of the high school event, Principal Gibbons does speak at the event, as well as student speakers, and Mr. Brown, the eighth-grade leader. “Moving-on-ers” (not quite as easy as “graduates”) get a certificate and each name is read. 

“This year, we will read names aloud and have each student stand at their seat.  Then, after each class (8 groups of 20+kids) is read, we encourage applause,” said Mr.Gibbons.

The “Moving On” ceremony will be held Thursday, June 17, with a rain date of Friday, June 18, and the location is Proctor Field at the high school. Parents and guests sit in the stands and kids will be on the field. 

Go ‘cats!

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