Scholarship Funds Awarded for Weston Metco Students

Senior Celebration: Dellena, Deven, Taj and Nas. Photo credit: Kamea Johnson

On Wednesday, June 2, the METCO program celebrated the seniors who graduated on June 4 at the Town Green. As part of the celebration, scholarship checks were awarded to six applicants to the John Hudson Memorial Scholarship Program, one more than in past years. The METCO celebration for the graduating seniors also announced that they awarded 240% more money than past years, an increase Keitrice Johnson, Chair of the Boston Weston METCO Parents Organization, attributes to fundraising throughout the year, rather than just one event.

The Owl was unable to discover the plans of all of the graduated seniors, but of the ones who were reachable, Dellena Bereket and Taj Clachar will be attending Northeastern University, Nasarith Berhe will attend Temple University, Deven Buchanan-Maule is attending the University of Tampa, Michael Colmenares is going to Miami University, and Ligia Barrow Madrid will be at Manhattan College. Alton Jenkins will be attending Xavier University. In addition, Jayson Vieira will pursue his electrical and real estate licenses and Jahmari Oliver Bigby is undecided but intends to remain local.

Senior celebration with Jayson, Alton and Deven. Photo credit: Kamea Johnson

Congratulations to all of the graduated seniors for their accomplishments! Make sure you check back in from time to time–once a ‘cat, always a ‘cat!

Ligia at Senior Celebration. Photo credit: Kamea Johnson

For more information on the METCO program and the John Hudson scholarship, please read this past Owl.

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