Weston Welcomes New Business Intuitive Wellness

Last week, the Owl got a chance to meet new business owners Laura Martel and Hailey Roque at their beautiful facility in the “Walgreens Plaza” of Weston. Outfitted with all kinds of exercise, recovery and stretching “stations”, it was hard not to feel excited to get moving! Open since September 2020, Intuitive Wellness is all about meeting their clients’ current needs and moving them forward.

Intuitive Wellness has a number of modalities that will help establish proper movement patterns to increase strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and power. The offerings are for athletes trying to elevate to the next level, individuals with autism and related developmental disabilities, and any individual who is looking to continually progress in their physical pursuits. They also offer several healing and recovery modalities to help aid in injury prevention and long term stability. 

“One of the most important things we evaluate with new clients is where they are, and what they are looking for,” said Laura. “We have a range of training and recovery programs that we customize to each person, depending on their goals.”

“Basically we want to train for longevity,” Laura added. This means that the trainer evaluates basic movements in order to create a program for each individual. Assessments include evaluating posture and movement that might show an area to concentrate on.


“Sometimes we have to counsel patience–before an individual can work on power or speed, fundamentals like foundational strength in core, glutes and hamstrings has to be achieved,” said Hailey . Without a proper base, an athlete might find themself in the doctor’s office or physical therapy for a repeat injury. 

Intuitive Wellness works with physical therapists to create long-term programs for athletes. They can work with the “homework” that the client brings in, and build a longer-term program.  

“We ask each person who comes in, what exactly they’re looking for–what are your goals? Is it bench pressing 350 pounds? Recovering from injury or just returning to fitness after time off? And then the next question is ‘why is that the goal?” explained Hailey.

Intuitive Wellness opened in September 2020 and has clients who are between 13 and 85 years old. Laura has also worked with “pods” of children between the age of 8 and 10. 

“Each person has their own exercise or strengthening needs, or flexibility restrictions. For example, each person’s hips are their own “fingerprint”–everyone’s is different,” said Laura.

Compression Therapy (not in Intuitive Wellness’ office). Photo credit.

On one side of the hallway downstairs at 413 Boston Post Road, you will find the fitness machine, the TRX straps and also a room with compression therapy for recovery. There is also a zoom room. A Concept Rower is also available for use. On the other side of the hallway is the cool weight room for strengthening and a room for assisted stretching. 

“One of the things we emphasize with assisted stretching is that you can lift more and strengthen more if you have stretched properly. It’s a secret to all this yoga and stretching–you are building your possibilities.” Intuitive Wellness also has two other trainers specializing in strength and in yoga. 

Intuitive Wellness works with neuro-typical and neuro-diverse (ADHD and spectrum) individuals. Neuro-diverse clients often need more structured training–such as 12 set movements, plus one choice. Workouts are written on the whiteboard to help provide structure. Some of the neuro-diverse are 1-on-1 while others build up to working with partners.

“We love working with small groups of athletes–whether middle school soccer players or adults — we find that people motivate each other, and cheer each other on in circuit training.”

Recently Intuitive Wellness was approved for an outdoors summer movement series camp. This is for kids 10-18, and is offered for eight weeks this summer. Sign up for one week or for multiple weeks. You can get more information on the Intuitive Wellness website.

If you are looking for training, therapy, recovery, assessment, assisted stretching or just “feeling better,” contact Intuitive Wellness. Support small businesses…and yourself!

Intuitive Wellness, 413 Boston Post Road, Weston. https://www.intuitivewell.com/ 781-205-9533

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