U15 Lacrosse and Soccer Teams On Playoff Runs

In a pandemic year with middle school sports largely canceled, the Weston seventh and eighth-grade boys and girls town lacrosse and soccer teams have found success on the field. When you consider that all of them started spring season in masks running up and down fields and that we (as Weston) are small fish is a large pond, you just have to be impressed. If you ask me, and you didn’t, I think Weston benefits from teams of kids who play together year after year–they pretty much know without looking who is where on the field. Editorial comment. Back to the facts.

U15 Boys Select Lacrosse

The U15 Town Select Boys Lacrosse team, coached by non-parent Mike Cherry, and parent assistant coaches Gavin Dreyer and John Stonestreet, has met great success this year after winning state championships as a U13 team. Many of these kids have played together since Third and Fourth grade. Last week the team met Reading in the quarterfinals and handily beat them 11-6.

The team continues its playoff run in the semi-final game tonight, June 15, at 7:30 pm at Proctor Field.

U15 Boys Soccer – Weston United

The boys’ soccer team, Weston United, is playing incredibly this year, ending the season at the top of the section, beating other large towns such as Watertown and Arlington. This is the first time in 20 years that Weston has made it out of the group phase, and on to the playoffs. It’s a team with a lot of heart, and not so many players–only 11 players will take the field on Tuesday, with three others injured, and an already tight bench with two players on the Lacrosse district select team that also has playoffs tonight. BAYS did not accept requests for a re-schedule.

“It’s a team that doesn’t stop, no matter what the setbacks. Tonight, we’ll play with no substitutes and a whole lot of energy,” said coach Mark Whitworth. Weston United will meet Holliston in the playoff round tonight at 6 pm in Medfield.

U15 Girls Soccer – Weston Majestics

The U15 Weston Majestics girls soccer team had an incredible spring season, finishing 9-0-1 and winning their section. A core group of these girls – Emma and Alex Darling, Cordelia Mannix, Addie Creelman, Chacha Steinberg, Kitty Flanagan, Sofia Sanzone, Anika Groff, and Whitney Summersgill – have played together on this team since 3rd grade.  This season, the squad was bolstered by 8th graders Alessandra Gavris, Claire Kakabeeke, Avery Golin, Lizzie D’Amaro, Cora Nicolaisen, and Rosa Whitmore, as well as 7th graders Kirsten Choi, Hannah Piche, and Solana Varela. The Weston team has won the section before but never made the playoffs (teams go to playoffs only if they win in the spring season).

Sadly, last night they lost their hard-fought playoff game against the Milton Breakers, 1-2. Coach Chris Sanzone commented: “It was a tough end to the season but the girls had nothing to hang their heads about… they fought hard…that’s sports.” Tom Darling also assisted on the coaching front.


Regardless of how these final games play (or played) out, we look forward to seeing many of these kids playing for the Weston Wildcats high school team in the fall. Some are off to private schools ….but as I think I’ve said before…once a “cat, always a ‘cat…


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  • I have so enjoyed reading your posts on The Weston Owl! Although my husband and I live in Boxborough, our children and grandchildren live in Weston, and it’s fun for us to gain a broader view of what’s going on there!
    Thank you for your dedication and excellent writing and sharing of Weston activities and treasures with all of us so joyfully.
    We hope you do come back again. Enjoy your summer respite!

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