Your Trial Subscription Has Ended

Barred owl, Weston Conservation woods. Photo credit: Debbie Howell

Tomorrow, the Owlets are Moving On, and so is the Owl. The Owlets are moving on to high school and the Owl is taking a well-deserved break (if she does say so herself) for the summer at least..

A few months ago, I started the Owl as a for-fun project about this town I love. I have spent many hours researching and writing the stories, and have had the encouragement of many friends. Unfortunately, in the last week, a series of nasty comments and posts directed at me, and one mentioning my family, have come to concern me. Last Wednesday, I even found myself talking with our police chief on whether one comment was a credible threat. That is pretty bizarre since seven years ago I moved from one of the world’s toughest cities and never had the personal attacks that seem common here. So while I dislike letting the mean kids win, I’m going to re-assess and review.. 

I have had lots of fun getting to know some people and places over the past few months and more than a few laughs. To those who sent me notes, and kind corrections and ideas, I thank you. 

For those who are not fans, I am sorry you could not just scroll on by, as I like to say. The phrasing in the mean comments is concerning. The “we Westonites” criticizing “relative newcomers” to town defies my most naive notions of xenophobia. I hope you all seek mental help. What a strange nasty little underbelly exists in this town. It’s too bad really–Weston seems mostly to be managed by caring volunteers and employees. 

Please continue to support the “real” local news providers:  The Weston Town Crier, Wildcat Tracks at the high school, Weston Media Center,  and of course the incomparable Kara Fleming at Town Hall. One thing is clear: it’s a tough way to make a living. And it certainly would help if you are tougher than I am.

This is my 197th post. Not bad. I will be returning the $225 in donations I received. I feel a little sad for those who have said they really enjoy it-but please understand that without joy, what is the point of a volunteer role? And in the end, this nastiness hardly models “adulting” for my teenagers. We’ll see if summer recharges the battery over here. 

Be kind to one another, Weston. Go ‘cats!