Thank You, Weston…I Hear You

Barn, Gateways Farm, Weston

Last night was a magical evening of friends and neighbors honoring one of the titans of Weston. On a normal Owl day, I would tell you more than you wanted to know about the goings-on–it was a night of remembrances, new meetings and old friends, and more than anything, a warm gathering of “the old guard”. I am honored to have been invited–the barn owned by Peter and Julie Hyde is simply incredible, including one of the horses–a Palomino, the horse of my dreams growing up.

What’s my point? My point is that just about every person there told me how much they loved the Owl and its stories. No, they didn’t read every one–perhaps only my parents do that. And there’s the thing–I had no idea how many people were reading it and supporting me in this volunteer endeavor. While the subscribers number around 300, there are many more who check it and read the stories that interest them.

Over the last week, I have received numerous emails, a few texts and private messages…and today a postcard. I love postcards. I have run into people at the Town Green and at Bros, at Boda Borg and graduation and they have all been so supportive. So thank you, Weston.

Monday gratitude: community. See you in August.