Weston High School Announces New Volleyball Coach Eileen Leblanc

Eileen Leblanc. Courtesy photo

Following on the announcement of a new football coach last week, Weston High School Athletics also announced on twitter the hiring of Eileen Leblanc to be Weston High School’s volleyball coach. Now before some of you stop reading because “you don’t care about high school sports”, the Owl is filled with interesting and marginally-researched facts about volleyball so hang on for inspiration for chatter at your next outdoor patio party.

For example, did you know that volleyball was created by a YMCA Education Director in 1895 right here in Holyoke, Massachusetts? Yes, true story, William G Morgan invented it to be a combination (and this stretches the credibility meter a bit) of baseball, basketball, handball and tennis. Ummm, baseball? Well, since the ball has been clocked at 87 mph, maybe I’ll buy into that one. Volleyball is a fantastic team sport where players need to communicate verbally and physically in order to win. Finally, volleyball is quoted as the second most popular sport in the world after soccer/futbol/futebol because anyone and everyone can play it [source here]. That fact I might double-check but until then, meet Coach Leblanc:


Owl: Can you tell us about your experience in coaching school programs?

Coach Leblanc: I was with Milton Academy for 3 years with their girls program, Natick High School for 1 year with both the boys’ and girls’ programs and  moved to Newton South in the Spring of 2019.  I have worked with both the boys’ and girls’ programs at Newton South and will continue on their staff for the boys’ program since Weston does not currently have a boys’ program.  I have been very fortunate to work with some very successful programs at both Natick and Newton South where I have learned a lot about not only the game, but also how to run a program and what kind of program I want to lead.   

Owl: You are also a coach for SMASH Volleyball? 

Coach Leblanc: My first club experience was with Gators Volleyball Club in Bedford, MA. I was with them for 5 years and they are really great program that is bringing club volleyball to a large number of athletes. I moved to SMASH in Newton, MA two years ago where I now coach both a girls’ and boys’ team with their program.  They are an organization that has had a lot of success in the New England region and at the National level.  

Owl: what are your hopes and dreams for the team this year?

Coach Leblanc: the Weston volleyball program is primed to really explode and make an impact, especially with the new alignments that the MIAA is putting into place this year.  I want to build on them winning the DCL Small School Championship this past season.  Making the State Tournament is always a goal for every team, but I also want every team member to grow and reach for their own goals during the season.  I am a big believer in the positive lessons and skills that team sports can provide for everyone, and winning beyond the scoreboard.   

Owl: Do you know how many seniors and upper classwomen you will have? Are you looking for people new to volleyball as well? It’s a winter sport, correct? When do tryouts/practices begin?

Coach LeBlanc: I’m not sure how many returning players there are and their class years; I am still meeting everyone.   I am definitely welcoming all athletes, both new and experienced, to join us this year.  I encourage anyone thinking about playing a sport to grab a friend and join us this year at tryouts.  No previous experience is necessary.   Girls’ volleyball is a Fall sport and tryouts start on August 23rd.   We will be fielding both a JV and Varsity team. 

The volleyball captain, Melina Sekine Magno, will be organizing some Captain’s practices before our season starts.  This is a great opportunity for new athletes to meet the team and get some instruction before tryouts and returning players to get back into form.  She will post information about them on the team instagram page:  Westongvb
Information on signing up for try outs for all sports is on the Weston High School web page:

Owl: Anything else you’d like to let Weston know?

Coach Leblanc: I am really excited to be joining Weston this year and can’t wait to get started.  I am happy to answer any questions about volleyball for anyone thinking about trying out the sport or joining the team.  My email is:


Welcome, Coach Leblanc and Go ‘cats!

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