Sunday Gratitude: 7 Years

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Yesterday marked seven years since the Owls moved from São Paulo to Weston. Seven years since my brother and his family met us at the airport with a big sign and Red Sox caps, then my parents drove us “home” to an empty house that would wait three months for furniture (if you haven’t experienced a South American customs strike, don’t). Seven years to the day since one of the owlets, while dancing on the no-furniture-yet wooden floors, fell on his elbow and broke it. And we drove off, without knowing a pediatrician, without knowing the streets, without even a car (yeah, okay it was a rental) to Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston where my son spent his first night in the US. We are now frequent-visitor card carriers to Boston Children’s where the orthopedic department will shortly be able to name a wing for us just on co-pays.

So while our seven years here started not as we envisioned, and certainly none of the following years followed quite as we thought, I am grateful that we would up in Weston. Grateful for a town that has many caring volunteers doing everything from watering-trough gardens, to affordable housing strategy, to trash pick-up to coaching youth sports to school oversight. If you have lived here your whole life, trust me when I tell you that Weston is unique. Unique beauty, unique people, and a level of caring about itself as a town that is incomparable in my experience (and I have lived in a lot of places, readers).

I am grateful for my friends here–those who bake cupcakes for my then- 2nd-grade twins and bring them to the bus stop, who take care of my crazy dog when I leave for weekends and those who send me funny notes about blog posts or community events and those who run with me every other morning in the early light. I am grateful too for the little interactions–the meetings at the mailbox, the moments over a Bros. produce display, and always and forever, the soccer and baseball sidelines. You’re not as badass as you think, Weston; you can actually be quite nice. And endlessly amusing.

I am not sure we’ll be here seven years from now given Mr. Owl and my predilection for moving around, but then again, things never go quite as planned. My Sunday gratitude: living here and now in Weston.

Owlets plus Owl brother and sister-in-law in cool lighting at Boston Logan, 2014


  • We are so lucky to have you and the rest of the Owls! I hope you decide to permanently feather your nest in Weston.

  • Christine Brandt

    Hi, I think you have enriched out town too! Just had to share that we will be hosting for a year a graduate student from Sao Paolo. He will be studying at Brandeis…..We are looking forward to sharing our home with an interesting and uniquely skilled young man; he is a physical therapist who works with blind and deaf children, having spent two years at Perkins Institute in Watertown interning in one of their leadership programs.

    • Thank you, Christine!! Hope to meet “your” Brazilan soon. If he’s a soccer player, let him know we have Tuesday evening scrimmages for all ages! 🙂

  • Your boundless energy and volunteerism had made us more connected with each other and with the woods everyday of your sever years in Weston. Hope we have you for many more seven years!

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