Bagel Table Opens in Greater Weston Area (Okay, it’s Wayland)

Bagel Table, Wayland

After much anxious waiting around by this New Yorker, the Owl finally got to fly in to the Bagel Table in greater Weston (also known as Wayland) this morning. Somehow it seems that this location has been in the works for years, but it’s probably less than that– time has not actually meant anything for a while now. In any case, if you are missing Bruegger’s and/or a bagel fix, the Wayland Town Center has your back.

Bagel Table opened two weeks ago in the location formerly occupied by Panera Bread. It is now part of the food Bermuda Triangle of The Local, Giacomo’s and Bagel Table. Basically, you breakfast at one, lunch at the next and dine at the third. Why leave Wayland? Oh, let’s annex it. We already share a crew team and maybe football and we should share hockey but no one asked me. Maybe if we named the team The Metrowest Kraken we would get some traction. Yes, the Owl was in Seattle for the grand unveiling of something to do with their Kraken hockey team. I love it. Release the Kraken!

Back to bagels. What a happy spot. Six outdoor tables overlook ummm the Local, and the indoor area is airy, bright and happy. Yes, happy. At 10 am today, there were three young servers waiting to take orders and efficiently doing so. When I asked how it was going, they said it has been very popular, and this was a rare lull since opening. On weekends, there can be a line down the sidewalk. A line! In Wayland! They did suggest calling ahead and reserving your bagels if you are particularly attached to one flavor or another–they do sell out, and without a bakery on the premises, if they’re out, you’re out of luck.

I particularly liked the look of the bike rack out front. I see this as a perfect end of the line for the Mass Central Rail Trail–burn off 50 calories, then eat 5000. Yes, breakfast sandwiches and the obligatory lox and bagel are also available.

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The Bagel Table is open from 7 am to 2 pm, Monday to Sunday (7 days). It is located at 21 Andrews Avenue (Wayland Town Center). Website: Phone: 508-350-7078.

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